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AGV Australia

AGV Australia and COSTAR Integration

AGV Australia integrates with COSTAR to provide our C2C solution along with web orders to make your life that much easier. C2C will provide you with live stock pricing and availability direct from your COSTAR system. Enabling you to submit orders straight into AGV’s ordering system.

About AGV Australia

Established in 2011 and combining the wealth of skills and knowledge of brothers Gino and Angelo Varriale, AGV Australia is a Sydney based importer and supplier of premium tyres, offering the capacity to provide both independent and franchised tyre stores with a wide range of global brands at competitive prices. With warehousing facilities situated in Condell Park and Port Botany, Sydney providing over 20,000 square metres of storage space, they service every Australian State and Territory in conjunction with their international shippers, Visa Global Logistics.

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