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Only Valid Between 1st Jan to 31st March 2024

Limited Time Offer - 3 Free Months
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COSTAR is Australia’s premier tyre and automotive software system, proven time and time again to significantly elevate the profitability, customer satisfaction and productivity of tyre and automotive workshops around Australia
and New Zealand.

Whether you’re trying to work out how to generate more revenue or grappling with the age-old problem of being tethered to your business every minute of the day, Microhouse is offering a way through.

3 Free Months of COSTAR’s Powerful Workshop Management System

Get access to:

Vehicle Logic:

The most reliable and precise vehicle data available in Australia

Appointment Scheduling:

For seamless invoicing, billing and workshop allocation

POS & Order Processing:

Financial software to create quotes, repair orders and process payments fast and easy

...and so much more.

We could talk about COSTAR all day. Because it’s a fully customisable, purpose-built solution for the automotive and tyre industry - there is no end to what it can do for your business. Take your workshop or wholesale business to new heights in 2024.

  1. This offer is available to new Australia and New Zealand clients only that have COSTAR installed & implemented between 1st January 2024 and 31st March 2024.
  2. The licences covered under the free subscription are the equivalent average licensing at existing clients, which is 1 x COSTAR Standard Site and 2 x COSTAR Standard Seats or less for 3 months.
  3. The free subscription excludes SMS licensing and message costs.
  4. The free subscription excludes additional module licensing such as COSTAR Mobile, Repco and Burson Integrations, Retread Management Systems and other licences other than those stipulated in point 3 of these Terms and Conditions.
  5. This offer expires at 11:59 pm 31st of March 2024.
  6. This offer is not valid with any other promotion, discount or agreement run by Microhouse Australia, Microhouse New Zealand or any of their affiliates.
  7. This offer is not available to existing clients.

Work on your business, not in your business

Is Your
Running at Full

Our specialist team brings more than 70 years of combined experience to the table, offering powerful solutions to make your tyre or automotive business more efficient, profitable and less reliant on you.

Limited Time Offer

- 3 Free Months Offer Ends Soon -

Take your workshop or wholesale business to new heights in 2024.