Use our powerful workshop software on your mobile or tablet to capture every detail of vehicle inspections. With this tool, you can definitively prove your findings to customers and eliminate time wastage.

With COSTAR’s Digital Vehicle Inspections you can:

Build trust through evidence & proof

Show your customers exactly what you’ve found with time stamped photos in just a few clicks.

Increase cash flow with fast approvals

Make it easy for customers to approve repair orders with instant, professional requests.

Protect your reputation with digital files

Store digital vehicle inspections as evidence to remove ambiguity once and for all.


Mobile device optimised
Paperless Job Card
Internal chat
Assign jobs
Take, store and send photos
Track technician productivity
Auto-populate COSTAR desktop, repair orders and invoices


Digital Vehicle Inspections are built for customisation, so you can use this workshop software to service your business and/or customer needs with precision.

Customisable fields to suit your business

Photo attachments capture every detail 

The traffic light system prioritises every checkpoint

Notes and messages feature records every step

Protection for your business

Every automated step and digital backup saves you and your team thousands of hours and thousands of dollars, but that’s only the beginning. Use Digital Vehicle Inspections for:


Protect yourself from false claims of damage

Staff support

Make every step seamless for your floor staff and technicians

Customer satisfaction

Provide an easy-to-follow, digital journey from booking to quote to repair

Fast turnaround

Move jobs through quickly without manual processes slowing you down

Easy and fully supported installation and service

Digital Vehicle Inspections are easy to install and integrate with your business with full functionality on any mobile device or tablet. Our team at Microhouse Australia is here to support you at every turn:

Australia & New Zealand

Training & Consulting Team

Technical & Customer Support

Available 6:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday - Friday

Work on your business, not in your business

Ready to make your life a whole lot easier?

Brought to you by Microhouse Australia, COSTAR is at the cutting edge of workshop software solutions for the automotive and tyre industry.

No matter the size of your business, we have a solution that will:

Streamline your workshop | Boost profits | Future proof your business

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Take your workshop or wholesale business to new heights in 2024.