Customer engagement is the key to generating additional revenue

Easily send and receive texts directly from and into your COSTAR system including upsells, approvals and reminders to customers.

With COSTAR’s Enhanced SMS feature:

Improve customer service and satisfaction

Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you in just a few clicks.

Manage communications with speed

Don’t wait for voicemail or someone to answer the phone. Text messages get fast, accurate responses.

Increase sales, bookings and repeat customers

Streamline short and long-term re-scheduling through text messages and increase the uptake.

"We have found the SMS reminder to be one of the most effective ways to remind our customers to return for tyre or mechanical maintenance. SMS is also good for setting up reminders for appointments the following day. This helps us ensure the workshop is used to full capacity at all times."
John O’Leary
All Coast Tyre Solutions Yandina

Send automated, pre-written texts about:

Keep your customers engaged with information about their:

A seamless, automatic, SMS means less physical paperwork and more time actually servicing your customers, while reducing human error.


Send copies of quotes, inspections and supporting photos

Automatic notifications make sure you never miss a message

All messages are stored in COSTAR for easy retrieval at any time

Retrieve and track approvals directly from the repair order

Ready to make appointments and bookings easier?

With over 70 years of combined experience in delivering automotive and tyre software solutions, at Microhouse, we know what will take your workshop to the next level, no matter the size of your business.

Easily integrate Enhanced SMS into your COSTAR system.

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