5 Things Customers Look for in a Workshop

Here are 5 steps to ensure your Automotive & Tyre Workshop is everyone’s first choice:

Customer Service 

Although your business may have an excellent technician or mechanic, customer service is a vital component to all businesses. Great customer service stems from those who can communicate well and relate to their customer base. Taking the time to have a conversation and explain the diagnosis, along with repair suggestions, can go a long way.

On top of this, providing your customers with a comfortable waiting area, accompanied by refreshments such as cold water or even some coffee, can really impress them and encourage a returning service!

Go to the next level in customer service to stand out from your competitors – is there a courtesy vehicle you can offer them? Even a free wash and vacuum when you service their car is always a good surprise!

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth acts as a personal recommendation and can help build your reputation and customer base. It is quite common for customers to ask around their network for references of mechanics and workshops. When your family, friends or work colleagues recommend something to you, we can all agree that their opinions are highly valued right? This is because you trust them.

In consideration of this, it might be of value for you to start asking customers to review you online. For potential customers, being able to see your businesses’ reviews presents trust, great brand validation and gives customers the reassurance and incentive to try your products or services.


Don’t be the kind of workshop that surprises customers with large bills, a list of additional parts to be ordered and extra work to be done. Always get their permission – simply give them a call or shoot them an email so they know what to expect when collecting their vehicle after their initial service.


It’s all well and good that you can fix the car. However,  you need to ensure you have follow through – this means ensuring your customers are presented with a written quote, warranty claims or invoices all within a timely manner. Ultimately this all comes down to strong customer service, and to do this you need up-to-date technology…

Up-to-date Technology

The world we live in is constantly changing, and so are cars and the technology systems we use on a daily basis. Therefore it is highly important to stay on top of this to ensure  your customers will be looked after.

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday business. Whether it be booking customers services, emails, invoicing, ordering parts, SMS reminders, the list goes on. For this reason, business owners need to extend their knowledge further than the automotive and tyre industry.  The technology you use to manage your workshops is vital!

Let COSTAR relieve you from your technology worries. Our software has all the necessary tools to ensure your business performs at its peak. Contact us today to find out more, or book a demo.

COSTAR – Working hard so you don’t have to!



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