5 ways a digital point of sale will increase your profits.

Every transaction in your business needs to yield the most amount of profit. Cutting down on mistakes, unnecessary labour and customer complaints are three of the most impactful ways this can be done, and a digital point of sale (POS) can handle them all.

1. Track your payments

Tracking your revenue means every transaction is accounted for and records all relevant services and/or products. Inventory management, end-of-day reconciliations, profit and loss, refunds and sales data are all captured and used to manage your business faster, with more efficiency and higher profits.

2. Cut down on manual entry

It’s easy to fix the cracks that form as a result of manual keying errors. Once the initial setup is done, COSTAR will calculate customer charges against workshop job cards so every dollar and cent is accurate. This error-free system makes accounting a breeze.

3. Faster processing

No one likes to wait in line. Easy point of sale, tap-and-go payment solutions like EFTPOS integrate with COSTAR so you have the flexibility to run a sophisticated digital finance solution without the need for advanced technical knowledge. You can even provide the option to split payments between payment methods. Get your customers in and out the door with speed.

4. Reduce cash on hand

Cash handling is fiddly, time-consuming and comes with risk. Use an electronic POS to digitise your payments so they can be seamlessly attached to your workshop functions, including job cards, invoices, bank statements and more. Less cash on hand also means a safer way to store your revenue with no manual transportation or handling errors to worry about.

5. EFTPOS integrations

EFTPOS integration is when your POS directly communicates with your EFTPOS machine to seamlessly manage payments through the entire financial life cycle of each transaction.

Data protection and detailed reports come standard when you integrate payment processing from COSTAR to your EFTPOS machine and back again to completely wipe out manual sales reconciliations. Transaction amounts can be automatically sent to your EFTPOS terminal from your orders with full automation of invoices and credit notes possible. Turn up the processing power with buy now, pay later options such as Zip Pay to give your customers every available payment gateway to suit their needs.


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