Accounts and inventory management has never been so easy

Running a business is money out, service to your customer, money in. Getting the balance right is a juggling act, and if we had to do it all manually, many of us would never go into business at all!

Fortunately, technology has turned the task on its head. So much so that our workshop software integrations allow you to pick and choose a tailor-made solution that’s perfect for you.

Say goodbye to administrative overload, time shortages, and cash flow challenges with COSTAR.

1. Auto repair shop accounting software that takes the headaches away

With the implementation of a completely customisable general ledger and a full suite of financial reports, COSTAR has the best workshop software to digitise your financial data and make it instantly available.

Slash your bookkeeping costs

  • Day End Processing balances your cash, cheques and EFTPOS, and flows into your bank reconciliation to save double processing.
  • Daily Banking Report allows you to review sales and assist with bank statement transactions.

Tax time is a breeze

  • Tax features mean that BAS/GST return time is as easy as running a report.
  • Tax Reports can be prepared monthly, bimonthly and quarterly.

Automations and integrations take the load

  • Create month-in-month-out recurring journals for standard monthly transactions.
  • Enjoy an integrated Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation System.

Accountant ready

  • The extremely flexible General Ledger Chart of Accounts can be tailored to suit your needs or your accountant’s.
  • All reports can be emailed or exported to excel.

2. Inventory management

The extensive inventory management capabilities of COSTAR equip you to control the comings and goings of your stock with ease. 

What you need when you need it

  • COSTAR’s stock management will analyse all your orders, stock and invoicing to anticipate and predict requirements.

One stop shop

  • Invoices and inventory levels combine into a single system where all documents are integrated.

Automated tracking and reconciliation

  • Electronic Invoices mean that stock is receipted in and invoice information is automatically keyed.
  • Inventory control naturally takes care of transactions onto supplier accounts.

Accurate stock control

  • Automatically adds your supplier’s invoice totals to purchase orders to ensure stock costs are accurate when using Electronic Invoices (ASNs).
  • Stock count a particular brand, product type or size for speed and ease.
  • Accurately rely on the QTY information displayed on Stock Check screens.

3. Parts Supplier Integrations

Use the integration between COSTAR, Repco Navigator Pro and Burson EzyParts to streamline your workshop with these online parts-ordering solutions.

  • Order parts without even picking up the phone.
  • Look up stock, pricing, service notes and labour times seamlessly from Navigator Pro and/or Burson EzyParts directly into your COSTAR System.
  • Get automatic invoicing updates as soon as the goods are shipped!

In-house training and support team

With over 70 years of combined experience in the automotive and tyre industries, we know COSTAR is the answer to any workshop woes.

We’re passionate about becoming an integral part of your business with the best workshop software that has been tailored and aligned with your process and values. Our team provides a complete support network for your COSTAR system, from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

Get in touch to tell us about your business and the specific things you need on 1800 819 984 (AUS) or 0800 100 913 (NZ).

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