Reputational risk and how to avoid it


It might seem that you can’t do much to control or contain what your customers say about your business once they leave your workshop. You might also feel vulnerable to false damage claims (a problem we hear about all too often). However, there are many things you can do to manage the narrative and protect your reputation with digital vehicle inspections.

The cost of exposure

It only takes one to sour the sauce for many. No matter which way it goes, a customer’s claim that you’ve damaged their car will always end up with you copping some damage and looking like the bad guy. Whether true, false or exaggerated, complaints carry a weight that can override the genuinely great service you provide, setting you up for a domino of hidden and visible costs:

  • Time – Attending to complaints, particularly those with a legal element, requires delicate handling and a lot of time.
  • Money – Whether it’s staff time, professional mediation, liability or repairs, cash losses are a reality any time there is a customer complaint to solve.
  • Reputational damage – Word of mouth spreads fast and negative word of mouth spreads the fastest, draining future profits from your business.

While you can’t take direct control over what your customers are going to say and do, you can take steps to control the risks. Much like installing a security camera, digital vehicle inspections set up deterrents to making false damage claims and protect you in case they do arise.

Digital vehicle inspections – the path to protection

The reputational risk to your business might look like it’s in the hands of your customers. But in reality, that’s not quite true. The risk actually lies in the weak spots that exist in your service. It’s the vulnerabilities in your processes that leave you exposed.

Digital vehicle inspections plug the holes to provide you with a secure, evidence-based system that tracks the entire customer journey, including the condition of the car on arrival, removing ambiguity once and for all.

  • Time-stamped photos
    • Record the vehicle’s original condition
    • Validate repair orders
    • Provide long-term evidence storage
  • The benefits of this are
    • Deterrent for false or misleading claims
    • Speed up customer repair approvals
    • Future-proof the business


Added benefits

With COSTAR, Digital Vehicle Inspections provide even more than photographic evidence for protection. A whole range of other benefits solves a whole range of other problems, including:

  • Mobile device functionality – take photos with your phone or tablet
  • Paperless Job Card – avoid manual data entry errors and speed up service
  • Internal chat – record information flow and improve accountability
  • Track technician productivity – streamline your workflows
  • Auto-populate COSTAR desktop, repair orders and invoices – ease the administrative burden


The results

The result is an increase in revenue per invoice and protection from liability because you have saved enormous amounts of time, plugged holes and fixed cracks in your administrative and service departments while capturing and storing physical evidence at every step along the way.

COSTAR Mobile with Digital Vehicle Inspections creates a fully integrated paperless workflow from booking to inspection to approval to repair.

Protect your reputation for good.


A digital solution provides a seamless journey from booking to quote to repair without the risk of manual processes, memory or hearsay putting you at risk.
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