Don’t Let Your Workshop Software Fall Behind

The Digital Shift

Whether we like it or not, the mechanical and tyre industry is progressing into the digital realm and in order to stay ahead you need to move alongside these changes.  

As more and more stores are passed down the family, the gush of millennials rise, orchestrating the digital shift in the automotive industry. Purchasing behaviour is now dictated by convenience – customers want to feel in control and fit to their personal schedule, be it shopping for the latest technology, new tyres or routine maintenance on their vehicle. It has almost reached the point where customers don’t want a phone call, they want to communicate digitally, predominately via SMS, Social Media, or Email.  

The fact is, you’ve probably heard this multiple times. So, the question you’re faced with is what now? It is somewhat imperative that your business has the means and building blocks in place necessary to attract and retain the new generation of customers.  

You hear from everyone that “the solution is efficiency and productivity”, which ultimately leads to a more profitable business. But what does that actually entail; good employees, the best tools and parts? And yes, you can keep telling yourself your current software or processes is enough for what you need. However, in the current shift this industry is undergoing, you need a mechanical workshop software that is industry-specific with the necessary tools to handle your day-to-day activities in order to manage you, your employees and your customers time effectively.  

With the New Year just kicking off, you now need to ensure you have set aside the time to update your Business System and organise your budget fitting to this shift. You’re not “just a tyre fitter or just a mechanic” as they say, you’re a business owner, you wear both hats now. So, think what is most important to you; Vehicle Tracking? Digital Vehicle Inspections? Workflow? Technician Tracking? Accounting? Figure all that out and select your workshops software accordingly and, prepare yourself for the learning curve that is coming.   

The Solution – Mechanical Workshop Software

As one of Australia and New Zealands leading Automotive & Tyre Software providers, our objective is to provide a complete business solution to meet our clients current and future needs. We are passionate about delivering dynamic management software that automates and integrates every element of your business along with a commitment to ongoing support services. Between the industry integrations, direct connection with your suppliers, inventory management capabilities, Njoy Fitment Guide, sales analysis and our appointment scheduler, COSTAR delivers the software to ensure your workshop thrives.

As a company, we continue to invest in emerging technology that adds real value to our clients to stay ahead of the trends. So, if it’s time to bite the bullet and upgrade your workshop to stay ahead, contact us to find out more or book a demo, to see first-hand the difference it will make to your business. 

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