Is online appointment scheduling worth the cost?

The lifeblood of your workshop is foot traffic, and that means appointments…bookings, reminders, cancellations and follow-ups. It’s astounding how many hours really go into it and just how deep the impact is felt when it’s not managed well.

High-functioning work bays make for productive staff, happy customers, and ultimately stronger profits. The moral of the story is that when you spend a little on the backend to automate and streamline your booking system, you can make a lot more out of the front end. Keep reading to learn more about how COSTAR’s appointment scheduling system can do just that.

1. It’s incredibly fast.

An online appointment scheduler lets your customers take care of their own bookings. You can easily make the form available on your website which allows them to secure a timeslot around your current workshop bookings. They receive a live confirmation there and then, and you can even set up a text reminder to go out the day before.

With this simple form, the booking, confirmation and reminder are all done, without a single phone call, email exchange or diary scribble. Nothing lost, everything gained.

2. It’s powerfully centralised.

An online appointment booking form lets the computers do the talking. Plugged into your workshop schedule, your customer’s booking information is automatically transferred into your workshop computer system, including their vehicle type and the service requested.

All you have to do is drag and drop their incoming booking into the correct work bay and you’ve allocated your workshop with maximum efficiency and no time off the tools to make it happen.

3. It’s customer-focused

Your customers are time-poor, time-crunched, time-sensitive, time-consumed…the list could go on and on. The point is, everyone’s looking for ways to manage their time. An online appointment scheduler gives your customers:

  • Control over the process
  • An opportunity to book in while they are researching you
  • Flexibility to change or cancel the booking
  • The added support of SMS text reminders

Just keep removing the barriers by putting your customers at the heart of your business with a service that is all about meeting their immediate needs.

4. It takes bookings after hours

Make money while you sleep. With an online appointment scheduler, customers can book it whenever it suits them. Just because you’re not open on Sunday, doesn’t mean you can’t trade in bookings. Just because you can’t take a booking at 10 pm shouldn’t stop your customers from being able to make one.

5. It smooths workshop management

Smooth sailing from open to close makes life easier for everyone. An online booking system synchronised to your in-house calendar gives you a complete overview of the day’s workload. Your front desk knows exactly what’s going on and for whom. You can forecast with accuracy to manage your staffing needs with precision.


Let workshop bookings take care of themselves.

Every minute you’re not chasing people, details or problems gives you more time to focus on your customer service. Cut your administrative workload in half, guide your customers in and out the door with ease and provide a system of communication that sets you well above the rest.

Contact us to learn more or book a demo and see the difference COSTAR will make to your business.

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