Lighten your workload with Burson and COSTAR Integration

Save time with the new Burson + COSTAR Integration!

Microhouse is excited to announce that the partnership between COSTAR and BURSON Auto Parts has been further strengthened to include ASNs (Advance Shipping Notice – a.k.a. Electronic Invoices).

This means that you can now receive electronic invoices from BURSON Auto Parts for your orders. It completes a seamless process using COSTAR to launch BURSON Ezy Parts, search for and return parts to the COSTAR Repair Order, create the Purchase Order for any parts that you do not hold in stock, email the order and receive the invoice back into your Purchase Order electronically!


To set up BURSON ASN’s you need to email itservicedesk@bapcor.com.au and request to be set up for COSTAR Electronic Invoicing. The email needs to include;

  • Your BURSON account number
  • Your BURSON Site code

You can click on the image below to open a pre-formatted email so you only need to add your store details.

BURSON IT will setup electronic invoicing for your account on BURSON’s system (this can take up to 7 days) and then advise Microhouse when complete. The MHA Support Team will then setup the Microhouse Document exchange to transfer the invoices to you. We will then contact you within one business day of notification from BURSON IT to ensure that your COSTAR system is configured to receive these BURSON ASNs.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this, please contact our support team on 1800 819 984  or email support@microhouse.com.au

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