Managing your Automotive Business during the Festive Season

Managing your Automotive Business during the Festive Season

Christmas is a busy time for all; businesses, employees, employers and our customers. Don’t leave your holiday planning to the last second, get in early to ensure you end the year on a happy and profitable festive high! We’re going to run you through some tactics that should be on your Christmas to-do-list this year. 


A pre-Christmas clean-out

We don’t just mean your workstation or reception desk. Are your stock levels at the optimal position to ensure you can handle the busy season and reach the best level of productivity? Do you have enough staff available to carry out the high amounts of work you’ll be undergoing? If you need assistance with your inventory management in COSTAR, please contact our Support desk.

Create a holiday display in your Workshop

Does your Workshop have a window and a customer waiting area? We are assuming, yes. Add a little Christmas spirit with some simple decorations, tinsel and of course a Christmas tree! Make it eye-catching and incorporate the nature of the industry, how about decorating a tyre? It doesn’t need to be over the top or an excessive time-consuming task, just have some fun with it.

Plan your Christmas Promotions 

What normally works best for your Workshop promotions? Facebook, Website, Word of mouth referrals, signage? Consider which brings in the most business and focus on that. Think about how can you best target these promotions to your most loyal customers to entice them to come in for one last service or safety check on their tyres to see the year out (or ensure they return next year)? Remember, existing customers already trust you and are more likely to spend more money with you during each returning visit. However, don’t limit yourself to your existing clientele, what promotions can you create to reel in those new customers? Consider approaching local businesses to team up with a simple giveaway. Don’t forget to venture out to your suppliers, as our bet is, they are looking to capitalise during the festive season too. In finalising your promotions, consider:

  • Offering one big day full of specials or bargains
  • Make it a discount, not a specific product/service (not everyone is after the same type of service for their car)
  • Gift cards/Vouchers
  • Make sure your discount or offer is worthwhile

Remind Employees of Standard Processes

Don’t forget to remind your employees that even though they may be pressed for time, it’s still important to enter all the customer information as per normal operations into COSTAR for accurate customer history and future contact with them. Finally, schedule these promotions and organise them early so you can focus on what you do best – the actual work! AND of course, don’t forget to show your employees some appreciation for handling the stressful and busy season we all call Christmas.

Maximising on post-Christmas Customer Behaviours

The time between Christmas and New Years can be one of the most profitable times compared to any period with the same number of days during the year. Keep in mind, Christmas is the launch of gift card/voucher season; people will be calling in to book that service or set of new tyres they were gifted. As this may be the first time they’re visiting your auto repair and tyre business, see if you can add in something extra to get them back for that wheel alignment and rotate and balance they’ll need in six months. 

Let the festivities begin, good luck!

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