Are you at risk of a downturn in sales?

While you might think that mechanic workshop software is just about keeping your books in line, it should actually be so effective in your tyre or automotive business that it also helps you attract and retain customers. 

A fantastic experience, with quality parts and service at a fair price are the key elements your customers are looking for. So, if you’re losing them to the competition, the crux of the problem exists somewhere in there. Here’s a refresher course on how to set up your business in such a sophisticated way that it’s easy to keep your customers happy and boost your sales in the process.


Customer Service

Although your business may have an excellent technician or mechanic, customer service is a vital component too. From a comfortable waiting area to refreshments and courtesy vehicles, being a good host is part and parcel of the work. But how do you provide good service before a customer even walks through the door and you’ve had the chance to woo them with your winning smile?

The answer lies in mechanic workshop software, which acts like a personal assistant and concierge to your customers with: 

  • Online self-booking systems so customers can jump online to book when it suits them
  • SMS appointment reminders so your staff don’t have to spend time following up
  • Inventory management so you’ve always got the stock you need and no one has to wait around for parts

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes when they are looking and booking – it’s just as important as how you treat them on the day.


Facilitate Reviews and Word of Mouth Referrals

Great mechanic workshop software also supports your business after you have provided the service, which goes a long way to obtaining referrals and reviews. Use automated follow-up emails or text messages to thank your customers for their business and ask for online reviews. This builds visible brand validation that no longer gets lost or forgotten in the business of the working day.


Offer Complete Transparency

Don’t be the kind of workshop that surprises customers with large bills, a list of additional parts to be ordered or extra work to be done. Easily get their permission for additional work with photo documentation and quotes directly from your mechanic workshop software. They take just minutes to create and send so everything is documented and clear.



It’s all well and good that you can fix the car. However, you also need to ensure you have follow through – presenting your customers with written quotes, warranty claims and invoices in a professional and timely manner. Ultimately to achieve this level of customer service requires up-to-date technology.


The world we live in is constantly changing, and so is the technology we need to use to run a customer-centric business. Whether it’s bookings, emails, invoicing, ordering parts, SMS reminders, and more, business owners need to extend their knowledge further than the automotive and tyre industry to do everything they can to prevent a downturn in sales.

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