Repco Navigator Pro and COSTAR Integration

The integration between COSTAR and Repco Navigator Pro will streamline your workshop like never before. Seamlessly lookup and return parts and pricing from Navigator Pro directly into your COSTAR System.

So what is Navigator Pro?

It’s easiest to let Repco explain; “Navigator Pro is Repco’s online parts ordering solution available for trade account customers so you can order parts without picking up the phone, saving you time, effort and money in your workshop.” To find out more, checkout their website here.

Repco Electronic Invoicing

Our integration with Repco also extends to Electronic Invoices (ASN’s). Complete a seamless process using your COSTAR System which will automatically be updated with the invoice details as soon as the goods are shipped!

This integration will also allow you to create a purchase order based on the information submitted from COSTAR. Create your Purchase Order for any parts  that you do not hold in stock, submit the order to Repco and receive the invoice back into COSTAR – all through this time saving integration!

Have the vehicle inspection forms for log book servicing present on COSTAR Mobile for easy reference and recording. Our integration with Repco also extends to Electronic Invoices – have your COSTAR System automatically updated with the invoice details as soon as the goods are shipped.

About Repco

Repco is the largest reseller and supplier in the automotive parts and accessories aftermarket in Australia and New Zealand with almost 400 stores across both countries. Repco has a huge range of all things automotive – whether for your car itself, or something attached to it like a boat – not to mention over 175,000 parts available. Repco benefits from preferred supplier relationships, great buying power and the ability to provide a huge range of products and services.

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