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Tyreline Distributors and COSTAR Integration

Tyreline Distributors and COSTAR are proud to be able to provide the C2C integration and Web Order. C2C will provide you with live stock pricing and availability direct from your COSTAR system and enable you to submit orders straight into Tyreline’s ordering system. Nothing could be easier

About Tyreline Distributors

Tyreline is New Zealand’s largest privately owned importer and distributor of premium tyre brands. Tyreline Distributors Limited started commercial life in 1987 as an agricultural tyre distributor trading from Grant and Barbara Rushbrooke’s farm in Te Awamutu. Tyreline has evolved into one of the most significant independent tyre companies in New Zealand, headquartered in Hamilton with additional warehousing in Christchurch and Auckland. The Tyreline team are proud of what has been achieved to date and remain committed to being your complete tyre solution wholesaler.

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