Tips in overcoming your Workshops challenges

From being in the Automotive & Tyre industry for quite some time now, we have found that many businesses are often experiencing similar challenges; time management, finances and cash flow, lack of business insights/reporting information and using a suitable software system for your business processes. Here are some helpful tips and insights as to how you can go about improving your processes

Time Management 

Are you having to force yourself to go home when the clock hits 5pm? And at home, you’re either doing your reporting or thinking about / dreading everything you need to do tomorrow? We have a solution – and while this may sound ineffective, or you’ve heard this a million times – make a to-do-list. One column being everything you need to achieve today and in your second column everything you’d like to. Whichever tasks are incomplete, move them to tomorrows first column. Organise your team around your to-do list, and delegate tasks accordingly. This sounds cliché, however, it really does improve your time management.

Your Financials and Cash Flow 

Are you struggling to pay your bills in time? Not having the funds when you need them? Try switching your focus from profit to improving cash flow. Prioritizing your cash flow means you have the money to simply manage your day-to-day activities, including sourcing parts, paying bills and paying wages. Acquiring a strong understanding of your break-even point helps improve your cash flow, as when business picks up you’ll be more profitable and are then able re-invest that money in the future.  

Lack of business insights and reporting information 

Without regular reporting, you will never understand how your business is performing. This is an extremely powerful tool as your business activities can be easily tracked and measured. Reporting on your actions enables you to monitor your performance and areas in which you can advance, to improve cash flow and drive more revenue. You’ll gain an understanding as to which stock is flying off the shelves, or adapt to when you’re at your busiest and ensure you have enough staff to handle the busy times.  Running regular reports means you can analyse all your orders, stock and invoicing to anticipate and predict future requirements making sure that you have what you need when you need it. With over 180 standard reports in the COSTAR system, analysing the data you capture could not be any easier. Contact our Support team if you need assistance customising your suite of reports.

Is your Software right for your business needs? 

You must think, what is most important to you; Vehicle Tracking? Digital Vehicle Inspections? Workflow? Accounting? Figure all that out and select your workshops software accordingly.  Furthermore, your software system or processes should allow you to manage all aspects of your business activities. Are you able to track customer sales and history, and actively follow them up? Manage your appointments with online booking systems and integrate your POS and industry integrations to source and order the parts you need to complete your jobs.

A software solution that manages all these elements brings you, and your business, many added benefits, such as systemising and organising processes, time-saving, reduce errors and above all, help conquer all the challenges listed throughout this article.  

COSTAR Software

We understand what makes your business run and more importantly, what makes it run profitably. COSTAR provides you with a platform that will allow you to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of your business. We recognise the challenges involved in choosing the right management software for your Auto Repair Business. Our dedicated Business Managers are there every step of the way to assist when needed. In providing our services to you, we will ensure we focus on the following key factors: people, support, training, software, experience and forward-thinking.

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