3 ways scheduling software improves customer satisfaction

It’s a constant challenge for technicians and business owners in the automotive industry to produce a quality service whilst also ensuring their customer experience and communication is up to scratch. 

Through the implementation of the right software for your Auto Repair Workshop/Tyre Business, makes it easier for you to keep in touch with your customers without having to sacrifice too much time away from the actual servicing.

Don’t suffer loss of profit by losing focus on communication problems with customers.


Where to begin?

Appointment Reminders

Using an industry-appropriate automotive scheduling software is a necessary and vital investment for your workshop. Don’t fall behind, impress your customers with appointment reminders. As consumers are steering away from lengthy phone calls, customers who are time poor or who have poor time-management will appreciate your efforts to shoot them a quick text reminding them of their upcoming service. This assists in reducing the number of no-shows and helps to uphold a consistent workflow throughout your workshop bays.

Vehicle Walk Around

In a recent survey conducted by Modern Tire Dealer, revealed a post service vehicle walk around with customers is highly regarded in customers satisfaction criteria. This proves to be the second most influential factor to a key success indicator for customers (the first is fixing the vehicle after its first services). 

When performing a vehicle walk around, it’s best to have your customer history easily accessible to demonstrate you know them and their car. By using digital job cards, eliminates the hassle of rummaging through paperwork at the last minute and prepares you for any follow-up questions. Ultimately increasing your professionalism and proving your ability as an auto repair technician. This can be implemented with COSTAR Mobile; you can find more about this here.


Fast track customer bookings

There’s no need to point out the obvious that poor customer service results in loss of business. So, we’ll jump straight into it – you need to manage your customer bookings from start to finish in one single system. We mean the entire customer journey – customer bookings, workshop allocation, vehicle inspections, contacting the customer if they need additional work or parts and notifying them when their vehicle is ready for collection. To eliminate double bookings or any confusion with billing, invoices and customer history, this should all be managed with a few simple clicks from within the same program. With the advantage of a one system process, contains all the info in the one area and avoids double processing, reducing the risk of errors.

When building your days work and assigning technicians to certain jobs, your appointment scheduler should be set in accordance to your workshop bays out the back i.e. Tyre Bay 1, Tyre Bay 2, Alignment, Mechanical, Service Truck, Courtesy Car. Allowing you to visualise a proper overview of the day’s workload. You could take this even further by integrating online appointment bookings to your workshop’s website.

Keep in mind, Jon Cohen, Chief Research Officer at SurveyMonkey confirms “customer experience is the cornerstone when it comes to satisfaction with aftermarket service.” He continues with “the data shows how providers who excel at basic customer touchpoints – from vehicle walk arounds to check-up calls – have a clear edge among consumers. The data shows that even as larger companies embrace customer-centricity, they’re still lagging behind many of the regional providers.”

With all this customer management talk, we want to remind you that COSTAR has all the necessary features available to put your customers at the pillar of your workshop and reassure COSTAR’s commitment to helping you with your system. Our Support Team is here to help you with any of the key tactics we spoke about today and don’t forget you have access to the Support Team from 6:00 AM until 7:00 PM (AEST) Monday to Friday on 1800 819 984.

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