Learn why you need COSTAR Mobile in your Auto Repair Business

Learn why you need COSTAR Mobile in your Auto Repair Business

COSTAR Mobile is a powerful and necessary tool for your business. In an increasingly digitalised industry, you need to spend your money where it counts. Digital Vehicle Inspections help drive your workflow by removing the hassle of, and need for, constant paperwork and ultimately increase your revenue per invoice.

What is COSTAR Mobile?

Simply put; COSTAR Mobile is an extra module that provides you with a paperless workflow from your Front Counter directly to your technician into your Workshop bays. It helps you to quickly and professionally highlight any items that might require attention to your customers’ vehicles, either in person or email.

In short

  • Paperless job card
  • View and update inspection forms from your tablet or phone
  • Add comments
  • Internal chat
  • Take, store and send photos to customers
  • Assign jobs
  • Track technician productivity

For example, some of you have may have noticed there is an image of a paperclip on each line of the print/sell window in COSTAR. The paperclip is activated when the email option is ticked and allows you to add any combination of Inspection Forms, Photos and the Invoice to the email. Well, this is absolutely amazing when used in conjunction with COSTAR Mobile which allows you to capture the photos on a remote device (e.g. iPad, Tablet, Mobile) in your Workshop and save them directly against the Repair Order, so you can simply email the documents, photos and inspection forms to your customers for approval of additional work.

You are also able to attach this information in the final part of your sale, by simply clicking on the paperclip symbol as highlighted below.

What can it do for your Workshop?

Because we know that no Workshop operates smoothly without the right people in the right jobs, there is a suite of Technician reports that will monitor your productivity and efficiency.

Results of your technicians inspections can be professionally presented to customers to inform them of any necessary vehicle services, or repair items, such as replacing brake pads, alignment settings and tyre tread depth information.

We’ve seen many of our clients excel with the implementation of our Digital Vehicle Inspections. 

Here are 3 benefits we’ve found when using COSTAR Mobile

  1. Build trust with your customers
    • Through the use of photos of worn parts or bringing attention to parts that will require attention next service, customers will see that you are trying to help them – not overcharge them 
  2. Increase the Revenue Per Invoice (RPI)
    • By documenting all of the technician’s work and comments and backing this up with photos ensures that additional items and services will be accepted by the customer more readily. 
  3. Protect yourself (and your business) from misleading claims of damage to customer vehicles
    • Take photos of existing damage to the vehicle before starting any work. All photos are timestamped and this will protect you from any false claims from customers that you, or your employees, caused the damage.

Learn how to implement this below:


How do I get started with COSTAR Mobile?

To get started with COSTAR Mobile fill out the COSTAR Mobile application form. Start taking full advantage of everything COSTAR has to offer and streamline your workshop today!

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