Online Appointment Bookings made easy

Why you need an Online Appointment Booking Tool

Tyre stores, workshops and mechanical repair garages all work in a competitive industry, with near identical products, services and prices. Set yourself apart and stay competitive through customer experience and the convenience your customers have  now come to expect.  

Let your customers book themselves into your workshop with a minimum of fuss. Unlike other online booking systems, COSTAR allows your customers to see what days are busy and which are free and then book in a time that suits them! No exchange of emails are required and the appointment is confirmed live for the customer and entered into your COSTAR system with all the necessary notes, contact and vehicle details! 

With the implementation of an online appointment booking tool, they work 24/7, giving your customers the freedom to book themselves in at a time they find most convenient within your businesses schedule. This cuts your workload in half and maximizes on customer convenience through the simplicity of this module. If your business is following the digital shift in our industry, an online booking system like this module is a must have COSTAR integration.

Key benefits and features:

  • Allows your customers to book themselves in online 
  • Automatically updates in your COSTAR appointment scheduler 
  • Set your own prerequisites (I.e. can’t drop off car after 4pm, must have 10 min gap between appts) 
  • With repeat customers, the online booking calendar will remember their details for greater convenience 
  • COSTAR creates a unique URL for every client which you can embed on your website, it’s that simple! 

To find out more about this module, please contact your business manager. Alternatively, to get started with COSTAR please contact us here.

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