Understanding and analysing COSTAR’s Work-in-Progress (WIP)Management screen

WIP Management Screen

This screen’s purpose is to provide shop management personnel with the ability to quickly see the working status of Order Entry documents that are currently in progress or that have been scheduled for work. The screen presents pertinent information to monitor and manage Order Entry document types such as Appointments, Invoices, Repair Orders, and Quotations. 

The WIP Management screen updates automatically every time a change is made to the participating elements of the WIP Management. A “Document Search” field is presented at the top of the form, which allows the entry of a Document Number, or Customer Name, or vehicle attributes such as, Year, Make, Model, License Number, Unit Number, VIN, or any one of the available telephone fields. 

In the instance of any issues that may arise in the workshop and require specific actionyour staff will be swiftly advised through “Notifications (1)” icon displayed on the screen in real-timeIn doing so, this creates a proactive approach to minimising any delays when servicing your vehicles and provides your customers with professional and timely experience.

Anticipate your technician’s and workshop’s needs

The WIP Management screen keeps track of all the outstanding items that have not been completed. Easily analyse and monitor your workflow using the following criteria:

In-Progress and Eligible for shop:

  • Repair Orders in Progress: to search for groups of Repair Orders, manage their progress and display/work-on an individual document. 
  • Apply search filters to identify Repair Orders that are ready to be worked on and are not yet in the shop.

Repair Order Customer Status:

  • Customer Arrived: identifies Repair Orders that require processing. 
  • Customer Waiting: identifies customers that are waiting for their vehicles.
  • Completed: identifies all completed Repair Orders. 

Repair Order requires:

  • Estimate: identifies all Repair Orders that require estimating in advance of calling the customer for authorisation. 
  • Authorisationidentifies all the Repair Orders that require authorisation. 
  • Parts Order: identifies all Repair Orders that require a Purchase Order for parts and/or tyres. 

Repair Order Parts Status:

  • Tabs for Technician Unassigned and Labour tasks not completed.
  • Unassigned: identifies all Repair Orders that contain Services Codes (labour) that have not been assigned to Technicians.
  • Not complete: identifies all Repair Orders that contain outstanding labour activities.


  • Tabs for unsold invoices and invoices not tendered.
  • Unsold: identifies all Part Invoice documents that are in progress.
  • Not Tendered: identifies all Part Invoices and Repair Orders that have been sold in COSTAR but have not been Cashiered.


  • Quotations in Progress: to search for groups of quotations, manage their progress and display/work-on in an individual document.

Applying search filters allow users to selectively limit the display of the Repair Orders in progress, with one or multiple filters used to narrow down your search criteria for a more detailed analysis of the store’s current and anticipated Work-in-Progress.

Analyse and improve workflow

Analysing the information this screen has to offer enables your sales and management team to keep on track and focus on business activities.  With knowledge of what’s to come in your workshop, you can forecast days in advance and easily order the partstyres and wheels required to service your customers vehicles. This ensures accurate stock control and reliability of the QTY information displayed on Stock Check screens and appropriate mitigation of stock in your system. Read more on stock and inventory management here. 

By having a well-versed understanding of the inputs and outputs of your workshop you can set budgets and determine your break-evenCOSTAR’s Estimated Expenses feature calculates the cost to open the door each morning and is a valuable and useful tool when creating budgets and undergoing break-even analysis, learn more here.

To activate the WIP Management screen in your COSTAR system, contact our Support team.

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