Updating your COSTAR software

Here are just a few good reasons why you should stay up to date with your COSTAR and eCommerce software:


  1. New Features – get the most out of your software by using the new features and benefits written into COSTAR.
  2. Enhancements and Fixes – improvements or fixes to existing components of COSTAR to make using it a little easier.
  3. Compatibility – as more integrations are implemented you need to make sure that your version is matched appropriately.
  4. You paid for it – so make sure that you get all that you can from it.

COSTAR updates are released throughout the year so as to allow you to keep up to date without being swamped with a multitude of new features and fixes all at once. As soon as we have notified you that a new version of COSTAR has been released you can download and install it at your convenience.

The process is simple and (depending on your Internet and Network speeds) should only take 10 – 20 minutes.

Click the image below to view a video help file on updating your COSTAR software, or access it directly here.

If you have any questions regarding these updates or any other feature of COSTAR please contact our Support desk on 1800 819 984 in Australia or 0800 100 913 in New Zealand or your Microhouse Business Manager.

What’s with the paperclip symbol on my COSTAR System?

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