Digital Vehicle Inspections. Can a mobile device really do all that?

Spend your money on workshop tools that will ultimately make you more money. It’s all about return on investment. 

Across every level of your business, a tablet or mobile phone solution instantly dissolves a whole host of time-consuming tasks and administrative headaches. This goes on to set up a seamless experience for your customers, who then want to come back again and again and again.

At Microhouse, COSTAR Mobile is that very solution. Think of it like a superhighway of information processing and delivery that you can hold in your hands.


Here’s how it works

  • Front of house uses COSTAR to create a paperless job card at the time of booking. This holds all the information your team will need to execute the job and generate a quote or invoice, which is also pushed through to COSTAR Mobile.
  • When your technicians arrive in the morning, they fire up COSTAR Mobile on their device and the details of every job for that day appear right before their eyes.
  • Tablet in hand, your team begins with a vehicle pre-inspection, taking and attaching photos, making notes and suggesting any additional work required, which front of house can seamlessly put to the customer and facilitate quick approvals.
  • All the information your team puts into COSTAR Mobile instantaneously transposes to your COSTAR desktop software to seamlessly populate repair orders and invoices. Simply email or use COSTAR Enhanced SMS to text the information to your customers.


2. Why it matters

  • Remove the hassle of constant paperwork

    Is there a business owner alive who is not completely sick and tired of the time suck and risk of error intrinsic to manual paperwork!?

  • Reinforce trust with transparency

    Accountability with time stamped photos and digital pre-inspection reports is a game-changer for how your clients will perceive and receive your business.

  • Allow your customers to make informed decisions

    Information is power. Your real-time analysis backed up by photos, comments and recommendations removes resistance and uncertainty to speed up your customer’s decision-making.

  • Protect yourself from false damage claims

    It’s unfortunate, but true, that most workshops experience this challenge. Nip it in the bud before it even has the chance to begin.

  • Increase revenue per invoice

    Improved customer experience and reduced administrative time have a direct impact on your bottom line. It’s as straightforward and simple as that.


3. How it’s done

Paperless job cards

The immediate mobile view in the workshop of jobs booked for every technician gives them the ability to record details and communicate with you in ways that a manual system just cannot deliver.

Pre-inspection reports

Complete transparency in a pre-inspection form covers you from liability and the stress of strained relationships with your customers. Professional, fast, digital and integrated, they facilitate the sharing of information and progress your jobs fast.

Jump into our quick explainer video and learn so much more in just 10 minutes.



Give your team the power.

When it’s seamless it’s foolproof. When it’s digital, it’s trackable. When it’s automatic, it’s fast. Contact us to learn so much more about the amazing features of COSTAR Mobile or book a demo to see first-hand just how powerful it is and what a huge difference it will make to your business.

Get in touch to tell us about your business and the specific things you need on 1800 819 984 (AUS) or 0800 100 913 (NZ).

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