COSTAR is pleased to announce Enhanced SMS

With consumers regarding convenience as a key success factor throughout their customer experience, the importance of texting is continuing to increase. Mobile phones are now kept within arm’s reach, meaning your customers are opening your messages in a matter of minutes. People love to text, recent research demonstrates that 90% of consumers want to use messaging when communicating with a business and achieves an open rate of 98%.


COSTAR Releases Enhanced SMS

Engage in a two-way conversation with your customers quickly and efficiently directly from your COSTAR system. Upgrading to COSTAR’s Enhanced SMS feature allows you to easily send customers copies of their Quotes, Inspections and photos and engage in a conversation through receiving their instant responses. Effortlessly reply to queries and messages with any added pieces of information relevant to winning the sale.

Through employing Enhanced SMS with your COSTAR system, you can save valuable time that had previously been spent playing phone tag, and instead, stay connected with your customers through todays preferred method of communication. 

Key Benefits

  • Send customers photos of required work, worn parts or vehicle damage.
  • Send Repair Orders, Quotes and other Order Entry documents via SMS.
  • Receive and track approvals directly from the Repair Order.
  • Ask and answer questions surrounding repair approvals and orders.
  • Each party can reply when it’s convenient for them.
  • Save time for both employees and customers.
  • Manage all communications within the one system.
  • Review and manage all conversations.
  • Improve transparency with customers.

Never miss a customer’s reply again – Enhanced SMS is available on every Repair Order, Work-In-Progress screen and within the COSTAR Appointment Scheduler.

Key Features

  • 2-way SMS

Send outbound texts directly to your customers mobile phone and receive their reply’s inside of COSTAR. The entire conversation is saved for review at any time.

  • Send more than text

With Enhanced SMS you can send photos, Inspection Reports, Repair Orders, Quotes and more direct from COSTAR to your customer’s phone.

  • Increase sales and improve communication with customers

Enhanced SMS makes sending copies of Quotes, Inspections and supporting photos quick and easy.

  • Preconfigured messages

Preconfigure a selection of custom-built messages and have them at the ready to send to your customers. Simply select the appropriate message of your choice and hit send.

“Mr Johnson your 2011 Honda Civic is ready for pick up.”

  • Automatic notifications

Every inbound SMS automatically triggers a notification within the Messaging icon. You will never miss a message from a customer.

  • Customer Follow-Up features

Enhanced SMS is also built into COSTAR’s Customer Follow-Up feature so that you can send appointment reminders, thank you messages and other types of correspondence via SMS.

To upgrade to COSTAR’s new Enhanced SMS feature, enquire below. 

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