What’s a digital vehicle inspection and how does it work?

What’s a digital vehicle inspection?

Using a tablet or phone, technicians can capture photos, details and notes of customer vehicles when completing their initial inspection of a customer’s car. The colour-coded checklist can then be sent to customers via email informing them of the exact condition of their vehicle and highlight any┬áspecific elements of the inspection that may require their attention.

Key features include:

  • Paperless Job Card;
  • View and update inspection forms from your phone or tablet;
  • Internal chat;
  • Assign jobs;
  • Take, store and send photos to customers; and
  • Track technician productivity.

By sending a digital inspection report to customers, it allows them to gain a transparent understanding of the problem or issue, reinforce trust and make an informed decision of the suggested repair work to be completed.

How it works – COSTAR Mobile

When using COSTAR Mobile a paperless Job Card is created. The Job Card contains pertinent information regarding the labor requirements, wheels, tyres and parts specific to the customer’s car and can be allocated to individual technicians to carry out specific workshop jobs.

In conjunction with the paperless Job Card, a digital vehicle inspection can be completed using a tablet or mobile device. Components of the inspection can be added or removed to align with your workshop’s requirements. Any vehicle information entered/captured on the inspection will automatically appear in the associated fields within the allocated job on the COSTAR desktop application.

With the combination of COSTAR Mobile and digital vehicle inspections, educate your customers about the health of their tyres, brakes, and overall mechanical state. Learn more about COSTAR Mobile for your store here.

Show, not just tell with COSTAR Mobile.

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Digital vehicle inspection requirements

COSTAR Mobile proves to be the perfect solution for digital vehicle inspection software. It is designed to work on Apple, PC and Android devices, phones and tablets, and is available for download from Apple and Google Play app stores. All components and notes entered from the digital job card and inspection is completely compatible with the COSTAR desktop system and will automatically appear on the Repair Order and Invoice.

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