Introducing COSTAR Rego Checker

Straight off the production line,  we are pleased to introduce our latest COSTAR feature – the COSTAR Rego Checker. So, what is the COSTAR Rego Checker? The COSTAR Rego Checker is an integration to a National Vehicle Registration Database that can be launched directly from your Invoice or Repair Order. It has the ability to search all Australian States and Territories for the registration status of any number plate and associated vehicle. Additionally, the COSTAR Rego Checker will return full vehicle details (Year, Make, Model and VIN)  into your Invoice or Repair Order and record them in your COSTAR customer vehicle profile.

Why is it important?

With the abolition of registration stickers in all states and territories, the registration status of the vehicles you or your team drives has become harder to verify, leaving you legally vulnerable when test driving cars etc. To ensure that you and your staff are protected when driving customer vehicles, COSTAR now has a built-in National Registration Checker.

Key Features & Benefits

Easy to use:

  • Direct integration from your Repair Order/Invoice
  • Able to check all States registrations from the one integration


  • Protect you and your staff from driving unregistered cars
  • Receive alerts when vehicle is unregistered

Accurate Data:

  • Populate your vehicle details instantly
  • Cross-check and update existing vehicles

Find out more:

To find out how to set up and implement this into your daily business activities, please watch our video tutorial below. If you have any further questions simply contact our Microhouse Support Team on 1 800 819-984 (Aus), 0800 100-913 (NZ) or support@microhouse.com.au

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