Why Social Media Feedback and Referrals are so Important

The Auto Repair & Tyre industry is ultra-competitive, which makes finding new clients and retaining existing clients a constant challenge. However, have you been neglecting a potential marketing opportunity that could bring your Workshop more business? Keep reading to find out why your Auto Repair Business needs to target more client feedback and reviews.

People talk!

How many of you receive new business from referrals or word of mouth? Our guess is a lot! In fact, according to recent survey data, 81% of auto repair business owners use positive customer referrals and word-of-mouth as the preferred means of promoting their business.

Acquiring just a few positive reviews each week can really help boost your reputation, sales and ultimately your business as studies show that customers who have had a great experience in a store, are more likely to talk about, and recommend those businesses on social media and other digital platforms.

Word of mouth and Reviews

It’s no secret in today’s technology savvy environment, reviews are plastered across nearly every platform and, according to BrightLocal statistics, 90% of consumers read online reviews and 88% trust online reviews. So really, if you’re ignoring this marketing opportunity, Forbes believe you’re actually alienating a large majority of your buying population just by depriving them of information they want.

Furthermore, ask yourself how often do you see on your local community Facebook group people asking for recommendations? The answer is simple; give your customers great service, and you could be receiving that excellent review or referral for zero cost.

Tips to improve your Customers Experience

Instead of focusing solely on car performance metrics, promote safety and the importance of regular servicing and tyre maintenance which will keep your customers and their families safe when on the road. Be proactive with your communications to customers by using scheduled reminders to send text alerts when a customer is due for their next safety check. When customers do come into your store, understand that they have made a conscious choice to spend their hard-earned money with you and not your competitor, so treat them with respect and courtesy to ensure that they feel as welcome as possible by you and your team. 

  1. Ensure your waiting area is clean and well presented
  2. Ensure your tea/coffee or water cooler is clean and in good working order
  3. If you have a play area for the kids, make sure it’s clean and safe
  4. Magazines – yes you are a in the automotive industry however, this doesn’t mean you need to limit your reading selection to just car magazines. Make sure you have a broad range of current reading material for customers to read.

We certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but after helping the Automotive & Tyre Business implement systems for almost 40 years, these are few of things we have seen that could really help your business grow for little or no more effort than you are putting in today.



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