Why your Workshop should get involved with your Local Community

Workshop Community Involvement

Generally with the Automotive & Tyre industry, our workshops are locally owned and operated with a local clientele resulting in a competitive and niche` market. So naturally it is a great idea to be involved with your local community! Here are 3 reasons why….

1. Build Exposure

It’s simple; attend your local school fetes, or community events and build exposure to your business. Having a stall at the local school fete, sponsoring your local sports clubs, or offering your workshops services as a prize, presents a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself and start building that chain of communication. This ultimately brings immediate brand awareness and exposure to your business.

2. Build Relationships

Put yourself out there, talk to some people, shake some hands and form those key relationships within your local community. After sharing a friendly conversation with you and your employees, they will be more inclined to employ you for their next service or new set of tyres. However, don’t just limit yourself to only talking to those that you think could bring potential business, how about forming a relationship with another local business in the area who you could potentially partner with or cross promote each other. 

3. Edge out your Competition

An added benefit of building your brand awareness and customer relationships within your community, is when the time arrives for the locals to get their car serviced or fit with new tyres. They will most likely remember their brief chat they had with you at that school fete or that you sponsor their kids sports team. You will be placed in a positive light, and in turn have a larger and closer customer base.

So start thinking about how you could get involved and build your business!


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